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Functional Lab Testing

Cause and Effect Relationship

Is it not the cause of the dis-ease that we really want to know about. Functional Lab testing is designed to analyze the trends and shifts of your internal physiology to help promote and enhance health and wellness.

Blood Test

Mechanistic Approach

Blood work can help guide us through the biochemical mechanism of your body that help you function.  When your chemistry is too high or too low, this changes the mechanism of how your body functions.  When this is imbalanced, this causes symptoms and ultimately dis-ease.

Stop Guessing
Step 1

Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results

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Blood Samples

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my insurance pay for the lab review?  

We do not bill the insurance for the lab review.  You are welcome to get the receipt and submit on your own.  If insurance request additional information, it is subject to a $25 processing fee.

2. Is there a fee for Dr. Clark to review my labs?

Yes, this is a $75 fee

3. Is there a fee for Dr. Clark to review the findings of my labs?

Yes, 1/2 hour of review is $147 and a 1 hour review is $289

4. Do you require payment at the time of the service?

Yes, the initial review of labs and plan moving forward is paid prior to Dr. Clark reviewing the services.  The face to face review of findings, is due at the time of the appointment.

5.  Does Dr. Clark educate me about my labs?  

Dr. Clark will review the finding of your labs with a plan moving forward.  Dr. Clark does not teach you biochemistry.  If you are interested in learning more about biochemistry, there are classes you can take online or at your local schools. 

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