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Eliminate What Doesn't Help You Evolve

PEMF - Pulse Magnetic Field Machine

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electrical changes within the cell that restore it to it's normal healthy state. Because of this, cellular metabolism is boosted, blood cells are regenerated , circulation is improved and oxygen caring capacity is increased. Ultimately, the immune system becomes healthier, the nervous system relaxes, bones and joints become stronger and vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and colon are able to rid themselves of impurities thus detoxifying the body. Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy can reduce pain and improve the quality of your life by allowing your body to function as it was designed to do. 

How can PEMF help you?



Energy to Cells

Cell Hydration

Bone Density

Lean Muscle Mass


Range of Motion 




Immune System 

Nerve Response

Muscle Response 











If you have ever held two magnets in your hands, tried to force them together, and felt a resistance between them, then you have experienced a magnetic field. That type of magnetic field is produced by a static magnet and is called a static magnetic field.

A changing magnetic field (such as a magnetic field moving through a coil) generates an electric field (which would drive a current in the coil). This forms the basis for many electrical generators and motors. Similar to the way that a changing magnetic field generates an electric field, a changing electric field generates a magnetic field. Since the magnetic field is being generated by an electric current, it’s called an electromagnetic field – a physical field produced by moving electrical charges. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.

Magnetic fields affect the behavior of any other charged objects in the vicinity of the field. This is the fundamental basis for their therapeutic use. Our bodies are electric – every heartbeat generates electromagnetic waves throughout the blood vessels of the body, stimulating tissues at a cellular level. External magnetic fields and the normal electric and electromagnetic fields produced by the body interact. So, a magnetic field passing through our whole body will have an electromagnetic effect on each of our 70 trillion cells. As a result, magnetic fields act in basic and fundamental ways on molecules and tissues. They affect the most basic functions of all cells—human, animal, and plant included.

Far -Infrared Sauna      Detoxification

When purification and elimination systems of the body are not working at their optimal level, they are unable to handle the load of incoming toxins.

Far infrared waves penetrate into our body to activate the sweat glands.  The primary detox organs are needed to eliminate toxins. Due to our toxic environment the detox organs get overloaded and are unable to do their job the way they were designed to. 


When far infrared waves are introduced to your body's water molecules (comprising 70% of our body) these molecules begin to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds and the eventual breakdown of the water molecules causes encapsulated gasses and other toxic materials to be released. 

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