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Health Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaches (or simply Health Coaches) are wellness experts and mentors who help others feel their best through personalized diet and lifestyle changes. Health Coaches work with clients to help them discover the best wellness routines that work for them and empower them to meet their unique health goals. 

Health Coaches take an integrative and holistic approach to health, looking beyond food to consider other areas of life that need nourishment, like career, physical activity, and relationships. Health Coaches empower clients to better their health by providing a safe space to explore all aspects of their well-being, applying unique concepts for a deeper understanding of health.

Health Coaches


IIN Graduate

Claudia joined the office team in 2022.  She is dedicated to helping others to improve their lives to gain optimal health and wellness. Claudia works in the office, and zoom.


IIN Graduate

Shannon joined our office in 2022.  She is dedicated to helping people navigate chronic disease and moving them to a better version of themselves. Shannon works on zoom.


IIN Graduate

Nathan has been health-coaching with our office since 2005.  Nathan works on zoom.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How long are the health coaching sessions?

60 minutes in length: 50 minutes face-to-face and  - that allows the remaining 10 minutes to be used by your coach to send information to you or finish notes about your session

2.  Does insurance pay for this care at our office? 

We do not submit this service to the insurance companies.  Some policies cover health coaching, but the patient will have to submit the claims theirselves.

3. How do you make an appointment?  


Phone office (603) 525-3335 or email and ask to schedule a health coaching appointment

4. What happens after I make a health coaching appointment?


You will receive an email with expectations of your first visit and paperwork to be filled out prior to your visit.

5. Will I be charged if I miss an appointment?  

This appointment is an hour in length and is subject to a charge if there is not a 48 hour cancellation prior to visit.

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