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Q & A

1. Is blood work covered by insurance?  
       Functional Blood Panels are not covered by insurance

2. What is the difference between blood work from my PCP and Functional blood work?
       Functional blood work is typically more expansive and extensive.  It provides a look into how your body             and organs are functioning.  When your body and organs are not functioning properly, typically symptoms         occur.  

3. Where do I pay for my labs?  
       Labs are paid at our office.  You can pay in person or over the phone with a credit card number.  Credit             card payments are subject to a 3.9% processing fee.

4.  Can I go to the lab first and then pay at the office after?
       No, all labs must be paid in full prior to going to the draw center specified for the labs you are getting.

5.  What is a requisition? 
       A requisition is a lab order that you will receive via email after full payment has been received at our office.

6.  What should I expect at the lab review?
      Dr. Clark will break your labs down to categories of concern and suggest a supplement regiment on how to        improve the function of you organs and body.

7.  How often are labs required?
      When working with functional medicine, labs are required every 3-6 months depending on the severity of          functional challenges.



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