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Blood Work Steps

Step 1

Turn in your blood work to:

Step 4

Show up for appointment to discuss the plan Dr. Clark has customized for you.  This can be in person or zoom meeting.


Step 2

Fill out the form below answering the questions that pertain to your daily habits.

Step 5

Set up 6 follow up visits to monitor your progress of the plan Dr. Clark provided on the lab review day.

Step 3

Phone in Payment of $75 for

Dr. Clark to customize an individual plan of care. This plan will be based off your labs and daily habits sheet.

Schedule a health plan review at that time.

1/2 hour - $137

1 Hour - $289

Step 6

Set up an appointment to have labs re-drawn and start at step one.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the blood work review with a customized health plan paid by my insurance?

 No. Unfortunately, no insurance policy pays for the review of labs at our facility.  


2. Will Dr. Clark be educating me on the blood work?

No, Dr. Clark will be providing you will a plan moving forward to help your body trend toward a functional state of working.


3.  Will my health challenge be completely resolved? 

This is up to the patient and the participation of care.  Dr. Clark will make recommendations on health and wellness.  It is up to the patient to follow through with the recommendations.  Dr. Clark has a 100% success rate with patients who follow through with ALL her recommendations

4. How much will the plan recommended cost? 

Because everyones health needs are different, we are unable to provided this information.  

5. What does a Functional State of Wellness mean? 

Every blood component has a known functional state and a known disease state.  These numbers have been predetermined through research.  When the body is in a diseased state, the numbers will reflection higher or lower numbers than the range provided by the lab facility. The idea of "Functional Sate of Wellness" is to bring the numbers closure to the in range determination provided by the labs.

6. Why do I have follow-up visits? 

Follow-up visits are designed to help patients through the process, answer questions, identify habit changes and challenges that maybe affecting your health


Contact our office today to start your way to functional wellness.

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