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Blood Work Steps

Step 1

Set up a 50 minute appointment to review your  health concerns. 

You can choose to speak to a health coach or Dr. Clark directly.

Health Coach - $89

Dr. Clark - $389

Step 4

Rupa Health will assist you in the every step of the blood work process while keeping the Health Coach informed. 

Step 2

The Health Coach will review the  your health information with

Dr. Clark to confirm blood work is the best choice for the next step in your health care.

Step 5

Review of lab results and a plan moving forward with Dr. Clark.

This 50 minute appointment can be performed in house or via zoom.

Dr. Clark - $289

Step 3

The Health Coach will assist you to set you up with your own account on Rupa Health.  This lab partnership enhances customer services and helps patients follow through with the blood work process seamlessly.

The price of blood work varies on what is needed to help you achieve wellness. Most insurance does not cover this investment.  

Step 6

A  program customized for you based on your health needs, concerns, and willingness to take action towards wellness will be provided.

This investment varies on severity of the dis-ease, outcome of patients wants, and ability of patient to make recommended lifestyle changes.


Contact our office today to start your way to functional wellness.

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