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Let's Clear Up A few Things...

Daniel David Palmer developed the Philosophy, Art and Science of Chiropractic Care

Various forms of manipulation have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years prior to 1895, no one had developed a philosophical or scientific reason to explain their effects on those who had experienced such manipulations. Chiropractic as a profession began in 1895 when its founder, Daniel David Palmer, “adjusted” the spine of a deaf janitor and claimed to restore his hearing. Spinal manipulation was not an unknown treatment in 1895, and Palmer never claimed to be the first to use manipulation for the cure of disease. He did claim, however, to be the first to use specific contacts as short-leverage points for making more specific spinal "adjustments." Palmer's major contribution to the heath field was his extensive study of Anatomy and Physiology allowing for the codification of the Philosophy, Art and Science behind Chiropractic. *Fun Fact* DD Palmer coined the term Chiropractic it's combines two Greek words, cheir (hand) praktos (done) 'done by hand'

The struggle for legitimate Chiropractic care took years. When DD Palmer performed that breakthrough adjustment on Harvey Lillard that was in 1895, following that adjustment the time line for Chiropractic care was a bumpy road. Let's take time to break down some important dates:

1913: The first state law licensing Chiropractic was passed. 39 states had given Chiropractic legal recognition for health care practices.

1972:Congress rubber stamps payments to Chiropractors for treatments offered to Medicare patients.

1974: Louisiana authorizes the practice of Chiropractic, becoming the 50th and final American state to do so.

2018: At this point 70,000 Chiropractic licenses in the United States are issued. All 50 states recognize Chiropractic as a health care profession.

When it comes to Chiropractic care there is a lot of unanswered questions that may prevent you from seeking help that you desperately need. Let's break down the Myths vs Facts :

1. Adjustments are so painful:

The truth is, your first adjustment may feel "weird" to you, but in reality, you wont feel pain! Most patients that have an adjustment report feeling an immediate response and pain relief post session. Talk to your Chiropractor and let them know if your worried about what will happen during your session. Any DC will explain to you every placement of their hands, movement, and sound. Don't be afraid to ask!

2. Chiropractors don't have as much schooling as medical Doctors:

Oh so far from the truth! Chiropractors have to complete 6 years of full time University education. This is more than on par with any MD. Have no fear, you are in good hands.

3. Chiropractors shove bones into place:

Ouch that sounds painful! Thank goodness your Chiropractor DOESN'T do such a thing. When you're getting an adjustment you my hear a clicking sound. We like to call that "popcorn" This sound actually is the movement of gas in the fluid your joints are holding and are released as they get stretched. Have you ever cracked our knuckles? This is the reason you hear that sound. Adjustments are similar to stretches, , except they are done at a specific point, at high speed, in order to stimulate the nervous system. Being nervous about your first adjustment is normal. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. Amazing Chiropractors will walk you through the examine and the adjustments so you are aware of what is happening.

4.Chiropractors only treat back problems:

Your back will thank you if you see a Chiropractor, but that's not at all all they do. Chiropractors treat the entire nervous system. If your nervous system is not functioning up to par you will experience headaches,allergies,high blood pressure,anxiety, insomnia, shoulder pain ,sciatica and more. Chiropractors are looking to help you with your overall wellness, not just back pain.

5.Chiropractic care is not safe:

Have you ever been struck by a lightning bolt? No? Well you stand a better chance of that then experiencing a serious adverse side effect from an adjustment. In fact, Chiropractors have some of the lowest malpractice insurance premiums of any registered Health Care professional. Now that's safe!

6. Chiropractic Care is so expensive:

The fact is, seeing your Chiropractor for regular adjustments keeps you healthier, saving you money in the long run. What does that mean for you?

60% less hospital admissions

59% spend less day in the hospital

62% less outpatient surgery

85% spend less in pharmaceutical costs

Still have concerns? During the average work week people are spending more money on coffee,lunch out,drinks after work and so on and so forth then the average cost for an adjustment . Investing in health should rank higher then the morning coffee run.

One way to find the Chiropractor that is just right for you, is to ask around. Friends,co-workers, family, most have received the positive benefits from good Chiropractic care. Not every Chiropractor adjust the same. Some are hands on, while others adjust with little or no touch at all. Some use tools, others rely solely on their hands. Your right fit is out there. Remember, ask all the questions you want and feel free to Chiro shop around until the right one feels right for you.


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